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Subject:[Htmlunit-user] Should HtmlUnit move to Apache Foundation?
From:Marc Guillemot (
Date:Jan 6, 2009 11:53:38 am

Hi HtmlUnit users,

first I want to precise that I have no idea if we would be welcome. I've just talked to some persons involved in the Apache Foundation.

*Do you think that HtmlUnit should move to Apache Foundation?*

Personally I mainly see following advantages - more visibility -> more users -> more contributions => more improvements - the copyright would be hold by the Apache Foundation and not by Mike's company (as creator of the project) -> better "feeling" for contributors -> a bit more confidence for users

as well probably as a few inconvenients: - we wouldn't be as free as we are currently and would have to respect the Foundation's rules - particularly, I don't know if/how we could keep our Rhino fork (that is currently only a snapshot but that allows to control the release dates)

Cheers, Marc.

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